Helping Hands store helps reduce waste

Dear Editor:

I agree with Rob Blondin on this recycling matter.

This is costing us money and too many jobs were lost.

Why couldn’t Mr. Blondin keep his job? He was already at the transfer station and he’s a smart man.

I’m sure he could have done the job that you seem to have had to hire someone else for. Why?

Why do I have to go buy a special can opener to take tops and bottoms off the cans?

Blue, clear bags cost more. We can’t tie down the lids on our own garbage and will you replace the lid when the next wind comes along?

Before you get all huffy at me — which I’m sure some of you readers will — don’t get me wrong. Hear me out.

I have lived in another town in Alberta and there they gave us three blue plastic boxes to start us off at no cost to us.

I do believe in recycling. Almost 17 years ago a couple friends and I started this great place and I’m so proud at times that it’s still going. Maybe you’ve used it yourself. It’s called Helping Hands.

It is a place where you can get free (or for a small donation), clothing and household goods, etc. Previously, a lot of these goodies would end up at the dump.

Yes, we all don’t like the little critters that get into our garbage, but some people could help if they would spay their female cats and not throw the kittens out when they get bored with them.

I know what I would like to do with the crows, but I don’t think our police officers would like to see me running around shooting them.

Tina Matwie