In divorce, children should always come first, urges local submitter

Dear Editor,

In this post-modern age of awareness, equity, fairness and rights, it is refreshing to see legislation reflect the rights of children in divorce, and that of equal parenting. Separation and divorce can be devastating for adults, but it should be completely minimized for the children. Often the very children who are the product of the marriage wind up being victimized by a system that does not recognize their needs in regards to access.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is becoming well recognized by psychologists, our courts and legal system and continues to manifest itself on an increasing level. Parents, bitter and vindictive, use their own children as pawns and tools of hate against their former partner. The effects are devastating and outcomes quite permanent. These outcomes manifest themselves in substance abuse, criminal activity, teen pregnancies, suicides, depression struggles and marital breakdowns.

I ask residents in central Alberta to review Bill C-422. ( This is excellent legislation brought forth by MP Maurice Vellacott. Please, call your own MP and ask them to support it. It is time that fairness and equity be brought forward in the interest of children victimized by decades of divorce.

Rhonda Pisanello


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