Lineups point to trouble

Dear Editor:

In the past several weeks, information about the H1N1 vaccination has flooded the airwaves and pages of local papers. At first, I didn’t plan on getting the vaccination but with the constant bombardment of information, I was convinced the vaccination would be the right thing for me and my family.

I called the regional health authorities and enquired when they would be visiting New Sarepta to vaccinate for H1N1. I was told they have no plans to visit our little community. I talked to our elementary school: there are no plans to vaccinate our children at school either.

There’s no point in heading to the city to get the shot unless we show up early and are prepared to stay all day. There were only four clinics in all of Calgary to vaccinate more than a million people.

How can this even be happening after all these weeks of warning and preparation?

Even scarier than this sorry lack of planning, is the fact that the same crew in charge of this vaccination is the same crew who is now reforming Alberta’s entire health care system.

If this is any sign of things to come, we’re in big trouble — very big trouble indeed.

Will Munsey,

New Sarepta