Local contributor pens open letter to MLA Ray Prins

Dear Editor:

On March 11 I sent the following letter to our MLA Ray Prins, but so far have not received an answer. According to a quote from him in the April 7 Rimbey Review, he had not heard any negative comments. He must not have read this, so I am trying again.

Dear Mr. Prins:

In reply to your e-mail of Mar. 10 re Bill 19, if the purpose of Bill 19 really is “to ensure landowners are well informed and treated fairly” as you maintain, the authors certainly did a poor job of it. How carefully have you read Bill 19? Are you sure that you are acting in the best interests of your constituents by unconditionally supporting it? Could you please tell me what exactly “the Lieutenant Governor in Council”, mentioned so often in the bill, consists of?

How can one week, for a person receiving an enforcement order, possibly be construed as long enough to prepare an appeal?

How can an appeal board chosen by the enforcers be considered fair or unbiased?

How can “making any or all of the provisions in the Surface Rights Act inapplicable to any Crown land in the project area” be construed as fair, or even legal?

In plain English Bill 19 seems to be saying to Alberta citizens “We, the present provincial government can do anything we want, and make up or change the rules to suit us as we go along, and you citizens are in danger of bankruptcy or jail if you oppose us.”

Is that democracy or fascism?

Lorna Diggle