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More feedback from recent mini Olympics

Dear Editor,

The kind words and thoughts of Ian McLaren, assistant principal of Bentley School in his letter to the editor in the Mar 16 edition of the Rimbey Review were so very much appreciated.

Adding to what Mr. McLaren said, our Rimbey Lions Club cooked and served a wonderful lunch doing just an awesome job. Nothing but praise for the cooks and the food from all who devoured the yummy bison burgers barbecued to perfection on barbecues supplied free of charge from both ConocoPhillips and the Rimbey High School. The ConocoPhillips barbecue even came with a chef and driver.

It is such a privilege to live and work in a community such as ours, where people volunteer their time and expertise willingly over and over again. Over a hundred parent and community volunteers freely gave us their wonderful help so that the kids in grades four, five and six from Rimbey Christian, Bentley, Bluffton, Crestomere and Rimbey Elementary schools had a day that they will remember the rest of their lives.

As adults these kids may not remember what they learned in a subject or out of a book but they sure as heck will remember being tossed into the air at the blanket toss or being pulled around in a homemade dogsled or playing shinny sledge hockey at the arena.

We do live in fantastic community but only because it is filled with fantastic young at heart volunteers.

Humbly submitted,

Walt Johnson, teacher

Rimbey Elementary School