More questions than answers with garbage

Dear Editor:

Just when you thought this garbage issue was a thing of the past, I still have a few questions.

This “four bag limit” for example.

Is this per household and do these guys that pick up the garbage know (i.e. have been informed by town administration) where there are two, or more households in one premise?

Or are they leaving two bags behind when they see six bags (three from the main residence and three from the basement suite).

And what is the sense of going through the expense and trouble of getting blue bags, only to see that they are not being picked up on the Tuesday when they were out there, but thrown in with the rest of the garbage on the following Thursday?

And who was that driving a white pickup truck back and forth in my back lane an hour or two before garbage pick up last week? The same pickup truck that followed closely the garbage truck as it picked up garbage from my back lane?

Was this done only in my back lane, or through the entire day of garbage collection in Rimbey?

If so, with the gas prices the way they are now, that to me seems a hell of a waste of taxpayers’ money.

You wonder how I know all this?

Well, from my painting studio’s window, me and my video camera had a clear view of the garbage pick-up on the morning of May 12.

Edo Deweert