Bluffton Memorial Park deserves respect

I would like to correct the Bluffton & District Chamber of Commerce on another error that was apparent to me, in the Letter to the Editor in the June 29 edition of the Rimbey Review.

  • Jul 13, 2010

Are we getting our money’s worth from town council?

If it is not my right as a taxpayer to question the mayor’s spending then whose right is it?

  • Jul 6, 2010

Alberta Press Council seeks public member

The Alberta Press Council is seeking a new public member for the AWNA readership area.

  • Jun 22, 2010

Why are rates rising?

Why are consumers expected to pay for the building of transmission lines when the profit from these lines will only be realized by AltaLink?

  • Jun 22, 2010

Gov’t ensures summits secure

Canada’s economic strength throughout the global economic recession has other countries turning to our prime minister for leadership on economic and financial matters.

  • Jun 14, 2010

Whole AltaLink story not reported

our May 25 story states that AltaLink is working to improve the transparency process. In my opinion, and without prejudice, I consider this to be pathetic reporting.

  • Jun 1, 2010

Finnen challenges county’s version

n the interest of balanced reporting and the right of all persons to expect honesty and truth from our municipal government, I wish to challenge Ponoka County’s version of events.

  • May 25, 2010

Wildrose wants fall senatorial elections

The PC government’s recent decision to extend the terms of our current senators in waiting, whose term expires in October 2010, is an affront to democracy and undermines Alberta’s tradition of democratically electing Senate nominees.

  • May 25, 2010

Beatty Heritage Society reflects on exceptional volunteer

As our community shows its appreciation for volunteers this Volunteer Week, we of the Beatty Heritage Society would like to acknowledge the contribution toward the preservation of Rimbey's heritage house of Alvina Grumbach, who died recently at the age of 92.

  • Apr 20, 2010

Committee extends public invitation to recognize volunteers

Dear Editor:The Rimbey Volunteer Week Committee will be out in full force…

  • Apr 12, 2010

Submitter questions location of proposed new swimming pool

A Letter to the Editor,Even though I am not a resident in…

  • Apr 12, 2010

Submitter reiterates the value of water, value of life

Dear Editor:Oscar Wilde once said, “Nowadays people know the price of everything…

  • Apr 5, 2010

Submitter questions recent article re: hi-speed Internet in Ponoka County

To the Editor,I would like to respond to an article that was…

  • Mar 29, 2010

Submitter expresses concern, re: 2010 Olympics

Dear Editor,I would simply like to say that before going ahead and…

  • Mar 23, 2010

More feedback from recent mini Olympics

Dear Editor,The kind words and thoughts of Ian McLaren, assistant principal of…

  • Mar 23, 2010

Submitters pen open letter to Delcan re: Highway 53

To Whom it May Concern:This letter is a follow-up to the open…

  • Mar 23, 2010

Readers appreciate local library, staff

Dear Editor:We want to give a word of appreciation for the Rimbey…

  • Mar 16, 2010

Letter writer expresses concern for seniors

Dear Editor:The board and members of the Central Alberta Council on Aging…

  • Mar 16, 2010

Bentley School impressed with Winter Olympics Day

Dear Editor:On Feb. 24, Rimbey Elementary School hosted a Winter Olympics Day,…

  • Mar 16, 2010

Submitter comments on local newspaper

Dear Editor:I was quick to complain in the past when I wasn't…

  • Mar 16, 2010