Pit at dump is unacceptable


Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to June 14 article, “Complaint forces dump closure”

I am curious as to why the town made a decision to dig a hole at a “transfer station,” not a dumping ground where they can bury debris. Metal can be clearly seen sticking out of the filled in hole. If it is to be cleaned up, it should have been hauled away not buried. Furthermore, as to a concern of pooling water, digging a hole is adding to the problem of the environmental concern. This is a low area already, any contaminates could possibly end up in our water table or the Blindman River.

CAO Tony Goode said burning the debris seemed pretty straight forward and made perfect sense. I’m not sure how the environmentally friendly town council can think this was a good decision. Mr. Goode claims this is only a three foot pit. If you look at the clay pile from the hole you can see a large amount of displaced dirt that came from the hole. This shows that an equal amount of debris must have been buried.

No matter what kind of matter, burned wood or metal, either way it is not acceptable.

Dennis Pendergast