Premier advised not to pass Bill 50

Dear Premier Stelmach:

I am writing to recommend that you do not pass Bill 50.

I’m sure that you are intelligent enough to realize that it severely diminishes democratic, necessary and well-informed oversight of cabinet activity. Specifically, in the case of the projected and very expensive power lines to export coal-fired power to the United States, how can you possibly pretend that it is in the best interests of the people of Alberta whom you were elected to serve? You must know that the majority of Albertans want and need adequate public health care, affordable public education, cleaner air to breathe. (Cleaner air, by the way, would reduce medical expenses.) It would be very sad if you let your temporary power go to your head and cause you to make bad decisions.

I assume that you live on this planet, and probably have children and grandchildren who expect to be able to live out their lives here too. It would be nice for them if the planet could still support human life. If you don’t have your head in the sand you must know that the planet is in crisis and has to begin to reduce CO2 emissions immediately. U.S. President Obama has announced a substantial grant to California to produce solar energy. It is quite likely that by the time your projected power lines could be built California won’t need or want dirty, coal-fired power.

Fortunately for us humans, we have the necessary tools and knowledge to reverse the life-threatening course we are on. Unfortunately those in power don’t have the political will. It has been established by the Pembina Institute and other organizations that as many or more jobs could be created in Alberta if provincial government spending on oil and gas infrastructure and development were instead invested in renewable energy and conservation.

Why not Google the Pembina Institute and click on Alberta to see how it could be done?

Lorna Diggle,