Progressive Albertans need to be concerned, suggests letter writer

Dear Editor:

Two things happened recently that ought to be of great concern to progressive Albertans.

In the first event, the leader of the Wildrose Alliance, Danielle Smith, clearly stated that she doesn’t believe the planet’s climate is changing. Her statement will attract those who believe that no action is required to mitigate the effects of climate change by moving towards more sustainable energy sources and committing resources to conservation and retro-fitting buildings with more energy efficient systems. The second event is the poll that shows she and her party will form the next government of Alberta.

With a Wildrose Alliance government in this province it will be “full steam ahead” with the continued 100 per cent dependence and subsidy of the petroleum industry. Alberta can forget about any movement to a cleaner and more diversified economy. We will have traded a tired old regime that has lost its way for a new government that has the “energy” to actually pull us backwards, against the tide of the planet.

These two developments ought to motivate all progressive Albertans to band together and create a counter-balancing party able to stand up and show Albertans there is another possible future for us — a future where we are world leaders in research and development of new ideas and technology— and part of global solutions.

Those in this province who oppose the continued erosion of individual rights and destruction of the environment — regardless of their current political stripe — must find common cause and create a new political entity.

William Munsey,

New Sarepta