Residents believes bylaw is garbage

Dear Editor:

This letter is in regards to Rimbey bylaw 865/11 that states “residential garbage must be bagged before being placed in a garbage container with handles and fitted with covers/lids.”

A rookie council in Rimbey has decided that residents are forced to buy these containers if they want to have their garbage picked up.

I would love to comply with the bylaw, if the Town of Rimbey or the garbage contractors would supply me with one of these containers free of charge as I feel it is very unreasonable to expect us to go out and buy one.

I also believe that bylaws are there to be enforced and I am happily awaiting a summons from the town’s bylaw enforcement officer. (We do have one, don’t we?)

My garbage was not picked up last week as I was in violation of the bylaw but can anyone on this new council tell me why being in violation results in my garbage not being picked up?

You see, the town, in my view, is in violation of a contract I have with the town that says that it provides garbage pick-up service for which in return I pay a fee.

The town did not live up to that contract as my garbage was not picked up.

Will the town reimburse the one-quarter (to date) of my monthly garbage fee?

The possibility of being fined, along with the refusal to provide the service, is in my view, double jeopardy

Edo Deweert