Submitter disappointed with media coverage of 100-Foot Shoot-Out

Letter to the Editor:

I am very disappointed in the media coverage of Rimbey’s recent 100 Foot Shoot-Out. I am not saying it should have had full front page display, but the small article at the end of the paper was pathetic.

The publicity our town received during this event was phenomenal. There were over 100 cars from all over Alberta. I know because I helped do the tech inspections. This event was well attended with some spectators having standing room only. How many other events can compare?

My hat is off to all the volunteers and members of the race committee for putting on this first class event. The paper was only a few pages the week after the event so I am thinking there was plenty of room for coverage.

Photos would not have been a problem as our local photographer was taking pictures all day. I am also quite sure that if a reporter was to have interviewed any of the volunteers or drivers that they could have had an interesting article.

Rod Schaff


Editor’s note: For live video of the recent 100-foot Shoot-Out, check our web page at: