Submitter disappointed with outdoor swimming pool option

Dear Editor:

Being In Lacombe County but having a Rimbey address and a Bentley phone number I’ve always wonder where I could voice my opinion. I do much of my business in Rimbey, believing that community is important. My children attend school in Rimbey, we attend church here, see the dentist and the doctor here as well. I see there are many senior citizens in town with the manor and the housing here. I know that the preschool classes are very full and running throughout the full week. So I wonder why we are encouraged to travel further to go swimming.

It would seem to me that with all the senior citizens and preschoolers alone it would be important to have an indoor facility in our midst. I travel late in the evening to go swimming elsewhere and it isn’t convenient. If we lived in California I’d understand why an indoor pool would not be considered. But here when most of our lessons and swimming is done in the winter, I just don’t understand how an outdoor pool and splash park is the way to go. If it’s hot in the summer, I’d much rather go to the beach. The children benefit from lessons and team sports throughout the year and the seniors, along with all other adults, would benefit from aerobics and exercise.

I thought seriously looking into this swimming pool would take a little longer and produce a few more positives on the indoor pool side of things. I am disappointed.

Dirma Roseboom,