Submitter expresses concern, re: 2010 Olympics

Dear Editor,

I would simply like to say that before going ahead and tearing down a national event which has brought together the spirits of everyone within this great nation, that perhaps George the editor should work on his job and do just that, edit the paper.

Within his own article two mistakes were printed, “snowfakes” and “Canada has BlOwn the podium.”

The Rimbey Review is regularly filled with mistakes. When reporting on Kandi Wyatt, the now six-time Canadian boxing champion, her name was spelt ‘Wait’ on the front page of the paper. Not even close to her real name. However her name Wyatt was spelt right within the article, proving this was not a matter of misinformation.

Is it not the job of the editor to catch these mistakes?

In another article on Ian Keetch, his last name was spelt ‘Keectik’. The Keetch family has lived in the Rimbey area for several years, and play a large role in the community. Do they not deserve to have their family name spelt right at least? The Keetch family name was also spelt correctly further on in the article.

There may have been many mistakes at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic winter games; however as a whole they have been a truly memorable event, an event which I personally am very proud to have Canada’s name placed beside. Perhaps before we go about judging others we should focus on local issues and concentrate on doing our job properly?

Gabe Siebold