Submitter has plan come tax time

Dear Editor:

I feel like my morals are being tested and I’m so up for the challenge.

I’ve been in the service industry for 20-something years. I moved to this area about six months ago and became employed at a local bar.

A gift of money. I thought that was the real meaning of gratuity.

We all assume when we leave a gratuity it is received by the person serving us. In my case I bartend and waitress: when I work as a waitress I’m required to pay my bartender 20 per cent of the gratuities I have made for the night. I’m confused with this as the bartender is required to pour my shot, but I’m required to dispense the pop, juice, and or condiments in the drink then serve to the table. Why am I required to pay out my bartender?

When I’m bartending, I can keep all my gratuities plus VLT gratuities, which can be substantial on some days. Whomever I work with I tell them in advance I don’t want their 20 per cent. I believe this 20 per cent is a form of theft and just down right immoral.

While doing some research into the guidelines on gratuities I found the only thing the government requires, is for me to claim 10 per cent of my yearly gross income as gratuities.

I think this year at tax time, I will inform them I have already giving away 20 per cent.

Shannon Clapp,