Submitter questions location of proposed new swimming pool

A Letter to the Editor,

Even though I am not a resident in the town of Rimbey, I do live in the immediate area, own property within town limits and consider Rimbey as my main place of business and therefore feel free to voice my opinions on the future development of Rimbey.

Rimbey can be very proud of past development projects and progress but I do question whether sufficient thought and input from council and ratepayers about the location and impact of future developments and expansion projects for Rimbey are being properly addressed.

The immediate project in question is the new proposed swimming pool project, which in my personal opinion, is being rammed through without sufficient thought about its location and impact on the area. On Tuesday night, I attended the town council meeting at the Community Centre to get a better understanding of the proposed Rimbey pool project.

What I came away with was more questions than answers. I would like to think that the town councillors are studying and developing plans for the progress of Rimbey for at least 25 to 50 years into the future.

I like the idea of a new swimming pool in Rimbey, but my biggest concern with the pool project is its location.

Has the Wolf Creek School Board had any input on location?

Will the Rimbey schools increase in size to accommodate any rural and Gull Lake developments?

Will bussing and school parking increase in the future?

Did Ponoka County realize the intended location of this pool when $500,000 of our tax dollars was donated to the project?

Were any other location sites considered?

These are a few examples of questions that should be answered before this project proceeds. The length of time it takes to dig out the old pool could be well spent finding a new, more suitable location.

Start fresh and use the old pool for the summer, is my opinion.

Alvin Johnson