Submitter reminds public that Pas-Ka-Poo Park must be preserved, protected

To the Editor,

I have one of the best jobs in town. I work at Pas-Ka-Poo Historical Park. Daily here at the park, we are ambassadors of our town and guides for past generations to the many visitors we have from all over the world.

The park’s size and the number of unique displays amaze so many that tour our park. They admire the pride we show for our town and the preservation of its history. That is why it sickens me so much to see a few individuals who don’t seem to have the respect for themselves or others to look past an impulsive bad decision to destroy any part of the park. If you have time that you’re not sure to do with, we have many different areas where you could volunteer to show pride in, and gain respect for yourself.

A couple of residents have voiced a negative opinion on the perimeter fence the park’s volunteers put up this summer. Unfortunately, it was necessary to limit the vandalism of the history of our town. Once these items are destroyed, they are gone forever. We have a duty to the numerous donors over the years to preserve the artifacts for many generations to come.

The park belongs to our community, so is it not the community’s responsibility to preserve it for the future? If you see individuals destroying your property, you have the right to speak up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you will come-as people from all over the world have-to enjoy the enormous treasures of our park.

Cheryl Sheie

Pas-Ka-Poo Park