Submitter says Ed Stelmach bullied Edmonton voters in recent election

Dear Editor;

Ed Stelmach did not win a fair and honest election in Edmonton.

Edmonton voters were simply tired of being shut out of the provincial Tory gravy train.

About six months before the election, Ed Stelmach refused again to provide equal funding to Edmonton residents, regional healthcare and infrastructure. At the same time, Stelmach kept pouring in extra cash and promises to pro-Tory areas just as Ralph Klein did and Tories before him.

History shows that despotic tyrants starve their enemies into submission.

History also tells of mistreated prisoners becoming docile when given some kindness after repeated beatings and abuses.

Strong laws are needed to guarantee equal funding by population, not to fulfill any political groups agenda, retaliation or personal whim.

Rather than allowing economic intimidation and repression, we must strive for true democracy and fair elections.

If Stelmach fails to enact fair and equal regional funding laws tied to population, then he will not be the “Ed” in Edmonton, but just another velvet gloved Tory bully.

Dan Onischuk

Edmonton, Alta.