Submitter takes “great exception” to recent editorial

Dear Editor:

Is George Brown purely a satirist or is he serious? If the latter, I take great exception to a few of his comments.

Unfortunately racism and hatred exist and it is appalling that he propagates this in his editorial. To call Canada’s closest neighbour, ally, and largest trading partner, Satan, is at least egregious. I can’t imagine a more degrading and insulting thing to say of anyone.

Your belief that the first Gulf War was a failure I’m sure would be very demeaning to the multitudes of Kuwaiti women who were brutalized by Iraqi soldiers after their husbands were murdered. The Gulf War has been touted as one of the most decisive victories in history. President Bush, intent on as little destruction and deaths as possible, faced criticism for not doing more, particularly for not removing Saddam Hussein.

Lastly, to refer to the War on Terror as a War on Muslims is analogous to saying professional golfers are adulterers. A few Muslims have a mandate to kill those who disagree with them. They are the exception to the rule.

The rest of your editorial, Mr. Brown, is what I would expect to read in your paper. I could associate or agree with it, but to start off the way you did is unacceptable and at least one of your readers requests a higher standard of publishing.

Kevin Bender