Thanks to Samaritans

Dear Editor:

Now that spring appears to be here, I think we should recognize all the unsung heroes of this past winter.

We live in a wonderful community where someone is always ready to give a helping hand. They aren’t recognized as volunteers; they are just good people. I am speaking of the young and older men and women who stop to give an arm to the senior who is having difficulty crossing the slippery streets or navigating from their vehicle into a business. Getting across the piles of snow wasn’t easy.

Then there are those who got out to give a push to a stuck vehicle — they were stuck even in town. It didn’t take much. With the very white conditions it was too easy to slip into the ditch on the country roads. A helping hand would come along to give a pull.

There are so many who give a lift to the grocery store or pick up groceries for those who just couldn’t get out.

So give a cheer to all the good Samaritans in Rimbey and the surrounding area.

Loraine Hopper