Photo/ Janaia Hutzal

Photo/ Janaia Hutzal

Bentley School holds multi-class reunion

There were around 110 attendees at the Bentley School reunion that took place Aug. 7 in conjunction with the Bentley Fair and Rodeo.

Mark Ree, one of the five organizers of the reunion, said they’ve never had an all class reunion before.

“Some classes have had their reunions for their year but we’ve never had one that included everyone. It was great. The oldest member there that attended the school was 92 years old.”

There were even some friends of Ree’s in attendance along with a good cross section of all age groups.

The youngest who attended graduated around 1981.

Ree said they’ve never had a public forum where people could talk, so it was nice to share stories amongst themselves.

“People just felt like it was time to get out and get together with some of the friends they went to school with,” said Ree, adding that post-covid was one of the big driving forces of holding the event.

The reunion was a drop in format where people could come and go within three hours.

There was a small attendance fee and the money raised will go towards the lunch and breakfast program at Bentley School.

And this isn’t the last time for a reunion.

“There’s talk that we’ll make it an annual event.”


Photo/ Janaia Hutzal

Photo/ Janaia Hutzal