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Candidate profile: Gayle Rondeel

Rimbey Councillor

Gayle Rondeel

Running for: Rimbey Town Councillor

Why are you running for council?

I love Rimbey. My parents who moved our family here when I was two years old operated a restaurant in town for 20 years. They instilled in us community pride and the importance of our community. It’s important for me to see Rimbey prosper and people enjoying life here. I have found my past terms on Town Council very rewarding. Through the ups or the downs I have found it to be a learning experience which I have very much enjoyed. I’m looking forward to serving again.

What do you feel have brought/bring to council?

I feel I bring experience to council. I have been involved with many aspects of the Town over the years including recreation, education, community service, and non-profit organizations. I believe this to be a benefit to Town Council. I listen to diverse opinions and I make sure that they are heard by council.

If someone were to ask you ‘Why should I vote for you,’ what would you say?

I believe it’s important to be a team player when serving on Town Council. I try to look at various sides of an issue and make an informed decision based on the information available. I am an active member of Council and I participate in decision-making.

What is your vision for the community

My vision is for Rimbey to be one of the best places to eat, sleep, play and shop. We have a great community with all of the basics in place. We have services most towns our size should envy. We have an awesome hospital, an excellent RCMP detachment, great schools, a vibrant business community, a wide variety of recreational activities, many churches and service clubs and folks who care. Who wouldn’t want to call Rimbey home?One priority is keeping the business community vibrant giving people the opportunity to shop locally. Another priority is to open up better communication between the Town Council/Administration and the residents. I would like people to feel comfortable attending meetings and voice their opinions and questions.

What if your professional experience and how do you feel it will lend itself to municipal government?

My husband and I have operated small businesses over the years, I work well with staff and peers. As a business person I understand the importance of budgeting and short and long-range planning. I have served on several boards and committees over the years that have taught me to compromise, but also to stand up for what one feels is important. I have taken courses in communication, marketing a community, affordable housing, and personal development.