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Candidate profile: Lana Curle

Rimbey Councillor

Lana Curle

Running for: Rimbey Town Councillor

Why are you running for council?

I have always been interested in being involved in the my community. This current term was my first time on council. And I have spent 4 years learning about the processes and the issues and I feel I am in a better place to go for a second term. I have enjoyed this term and feel I have much to offer as a councillor

What do you feel have brought/bring to council?

I have brought time and quick responses to community issues. I have retired from full time work and have been able to provide responses in a timely manner. I am proud of the way we were able to work collaboratively to have the paved path from Evergreen Estates into town completed. This made it so much safer for the kids walking to school. I was also very pleased that throughout the Pandemic, we were able to keep meeting with most of our boards and organizations through the technology we have available. This kept us connected and well-informed.

If someone were to ask you ‘Why should I vote for you,’ what would you say?

With having just completed 4 years on town council, I come into a second term well informed about the current issues. I am ready and willing to devote the time needed.

What is your vision for the community

My vision for the town is to be a community that has something to offer all age groups. For families, for seniors and everyone in between. Where community members feel safe and secure. One of my priorities would be to find a way to increase community involvement and input into decisions that need to be made.

What if your professional experience and how do you feel it will lend itself to municipal government?

I worked for AHS for forty years, most of them as a nurse manager. This gave me experience with budgets, working in with a team, interacting with government agencies, to name a few. I have worked with people and their families during stressful times and this has given me many opportunities to work collaboratively towards solutions.