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Candidate profile: Rick Pankiw

Rimbey Mayor

Rick Pankiw

Running for: Rimbey Mayor

Why are you running for council?

I have sat on Town Council as Mayor for eight years now and continue to enjoy my time serving the people of Rimbey. I am committed to this community and would like to continue with a vision for the future

What do you feel have brought/bring to council? I have brought my business knowledge and experiences to Council. If I had to pick one highlight it would have to probably be our New Seniors Manor but I am extremely proud of what my two Councils were able to accomplish during the previous eight years.

If someone were to ask you ‘Why should I vote for you,’ what would you say?

My answer would be I have the expertise, dedication and knowledge to continue helping our citizens during these trying times. My relationship with both Government and opposition parties will help us communicate more openly

What is your vision for the community

Keep Rimbey a safe place to raise your family, a great place to develop business and a great place to retire.Work with administration to obtain maximum grants that are available to complete the three stages of the 51 street project. I also want to continue work on the 53 overlay, new lodge, skateboard park, spray park renovation and the recycling and compost agreement with the County at the transfer station. The construction of the Rimbey Travel Centre should be completed this fall as well.

What if your professional experience and how do you feel it will lend itself to municipal government?

I have over 20 years of business experience and 8 years of Mayoral experience to bring to the table and feel this is want is needed especially as we continue down uncharted territories