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Candidate profile: Trudy Bratland

Wold Creek Public Schools Ward C

Trudy Bratland

Wold Creek Public Schools (Ward C)

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I worked at a large law firm in Edmonton eventually becoming a paralegal. When my husband’s career took us to Camrose and eventually Rimbey, I stayed at home with our two children and became involved in their education and activities, volunteering to support their interests. During that time I was the Coordinator for the Rimbey ECS and part time Assistant Librarian for the Town of Rimbey, then worked in the office at the Rimbey FCSS/RCHHS for a number of years. I have always worked with and for children from supervising playground activities to minor hockey and many things in between and have taken on leadership roles when called upon to do so. I have been and continue to be involved with my church. I believe in fully supporting any organization I become involved in and have done so during my work and volunteer endeavours.

As I have held a number of volunteer positions within the community and have been involved with children and the education system I was approached by Community members to consider running for the School Board position to represent this area. I took the encouragement seriously and was successful in that election.

The priorities that I have include a smooth transition into this school year and future years for our students, parents and staff that have had to deal with so many changes over the past number of months. I plan to continue to advocate for ALL of our students to receive a quality education no matter where they live. I am also proud of the way that Wolf Creek Public Schools supports our students, staff and parents with the resources they have and would consider that culture a priority for me.