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Candidate profile: Wayne Clark

Rimbey Councillor

Wayne Clark

Running for: Rimbey Town Councillor

Why are you running for council?

I previously served two terms on Town Council so I certainly have the experience. I feel at a time such as we are in, it will be crucial to have a cohesive team that can hit the ground running after the election. I also worked in Municipal government for 15 years.

What do you feel have brought/bring to council?

My experience, my proven leadership ability and a desire to see Rimbey continue to grow and prosper in the next four years.

If someone were to ask you ‘Why should I vote for you,’ what would you say?

I would tell them to do there own due dillagence before voting and they will find that no other Town Council in Rimbey’s history has been as successful as our council was from October 2004 – October 2010. “The Numbers Don’t Lie”.

What is your vision for the community

My vision would be that in four years from now Rimbey has continued to grow and has increased it’s overall tax base and that property taxes have not taken a significant rise and that services have not been cut. Continued development, continued replacement of old infrastructure and Town beautification.

What if your professional experience and how do you feel it will lend itself to municipal government?

I have managed a very stressful business in Rimbey since 1995. I previously worked in the Parks & Recreation side of Municipal government and am used to dealing with Council, different boards, grant applications, budgets and feel all of these factors are of help in being a effective town Councillor.