Carl Jr’s former owner apologizes

Councillor to issue public apology

Rimbey Councillor Jack Webb

Rimbey Councillor Jack Webb

A Rimbey town councillor whose inappropriate handling of food at Gasoline Alley’s Carl’s Jr. has been made public is deeply sorry for his actions.

In a telephone interview, Thursday, Jack Webb struggled to find the words to convey his feelings of remorse, admitting his action showed serious lack of judgment.

“I know I publicly need to apologize,” he said.

A CBC video shows Webb stirring a large container of sauce using only his bare hands. Footage also shows other violations including a chicken tender being placed back on a plate after it had been dropped on the floor.

Webb operated the popular Monteray Jack’s Family Restaurant in Rimbey for several years before becoming co-owner of Gasoline Alley’s Carl’s Jr.

Webb, a dedicated volunteer and long time businessman in Rimbey, takes full responsibility for his actions.

“It is with a humble and contrite heart that I apologize. I own it. I have no excuses and I have learned a valuable lesson.”

While he admits he suffered from a lapse in judgement, Webb wants to ensure the public that the staff employed at Carl’s Jr. at Gasoline Alley follow stringent rules.

“It is a very safe place to eat,” he said.

The incident happened six months ago and since that time Webb has successfully completed a Food Safety Certification Program. He is, however, no longer involved in the day to day operations of the restaurant.

Mayor Rick Pankiw reminds the public that Webb has been very active in the community and a dedicated volunteer with several organizations including FCSS and Rimbey Historical Society.

“This incident is not related to his position as a councillor. And everyone makes mistakes.”

Deputy mayor Paul Payson agreed.

“Jack is someone who cares about the people of Rimbey and he takes his role as a councillor very seriously. He is a sincere and caring person.”