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Changes coming to Town of Rimbey’s garbage and recycling


Effective March 1, residents of the Town of Rimbey will be modifying the collection schedule for garbage, recycling and organics.

Garbage is set to be collected from new black bins bi-weekly on Thursdays. Recycling will be collected biweekly on Tuesdays via front yard pick up in blue/clear bags or the blue bin. Organics and compost will be collected biweekly on Thursdays in the months of November to April and weekly in the months of May to October in the newly provided green bins. Residents of Rimbey can begin placing bins in front of their homes as early as this week as alleyway pick up will no longer be accepted as of March 1.

The change in services comes following the Town of Rimbey’s new partnership with Empringham Disposal for curbside collection.

“The old contract expired the first quarter of last year so Council decided to put a tender out for the contract,” said CAO for the Town of Rimbey, Craig Douglas. “Council accepted Empringham Disposal’s tender and decided to go with an increased level of service through implementing the organics program.”

“The belief is if people use the organics bins to the degree it should be used that the need for weekly regular garbage bin pick up won’t be there.”

Douglas added the Town has received both positive and negative feedback regarding the program so far and that the Town understands it may take some getting used to.

We ask for patience and understanding [from residents] as we roll this out - there are bound to be growing pains but we’ll work through it together,” said Douglas. “Overall people we are hopeful everyone will see the benefit and see it as an increase in service level.”

The Town asks residents to please have bins out by 7:00 a.m. on collection day and remove from the street when not in use. All garbage must be bagged and placed in suitable container. Any garbage that is not in suitable containers will not be picked up by the contractor. Any items placed out after or left on your property after the scheduled date for pick up, will remain the responsibility of the resident owner.

According to information available on the Town of Rimbey’s website, “Every residence in the Town of Rimbey will receive new carts, one for garbage (black) and another for organics/compost (green). These carts are designed for pickup by a truck with a mechanical arm and therefore, will be front street pickup for garbage, organics and recycle for all of the residences in town.”

“Please use only the carts provided by the contractor. The contractor will not pick up garbage or compost in any other bin/container.”

The Town added,”The Yard Waste Program will be cancelled as the Organics/Compost pickup will replace it. All 2024 payments made for the Yard Waste Program will be refunded.”

Acceptable materials and instructions for the organics/compost carts are as follows:

Line the rolling organics/compost (Green) cart with paper, leaves or grass clippings or compostable bag and fill with:

• Branches • Leaves • Cooking oils • Grease • Dairy products • Bread • Egg shells • Tea bags • Meat • Produce • Fish • Wax Paper • Corks • Pizza boxes • Shells • Soiled paper • Cardboard • Sawdust • Wood • Tissue • Rice • Dryer Lint • Coffee grounds and Filters • Cold ashes • Bones • Soap • Pet waste (bagged in small amounts) • Cat litter • Popcorn bags • Grass Clippings