Crews revive dog trapped in fire

Crews work to revive Ronan a 4 year old husky. (Photo submitted)

Crews work to revive Ronan a 4 year old husky. (Photo submitted)

Rimbey emergency crews revived a dog that was trapped in a basement of a house fire over the weekend.

On Sept. 25, Rimbey emergency crews responded to a house fire call and found an unconscious husky in the basement of the residence.

“Paramedics opened the back door and called and heard a dog barking but then it stopped. It was too hot for them to go in so when the fire department finally arrived, one of the guys, Richard went downstairs and brought him up,” says Kate Simpson. The dog, a four year old husky named Ronan belongs to her granddaughter’s boyfriend and the incident has left the whole family a little shook up.

“I don’t remember half that day,” says Chris Messere, Ronan’s owner says. “I was more focused on if he (Ronan) was okay.”

Simpson says Messere and her granddaughter were on their way out to visit here and had just arrived at her house when they got the call that something wasn’t right back at home.

“They left there to come out to the farm and her best friend lives across the street phoned and said ‘your house is on fire’, so they turned right around.”

By the time they got back to the house emergency crews has already got Ronan out and were doing CPR on Ronan and using oxygen.

Messere says that Ronan suffered from smoke inhalation and did spend a bit of time at the vet’s office but was sent home on Tuesday but will need to be observed over the next few days and weeks.

Fire investigators told Simpson that the investigation is not finalized but they think it started in the kitchen with some faulty wiring or a faulty wiring connection.

“He’s lost everything except for his car and his dad’s jacket. Everything else is gone.”