Godlonton ready for another term as councillor

Incumbent councillor throws hat into political ring

Godlonton ready for another term as councillor

Brian Godlonton is ready to take on another term as Rimbey town councillor.

Godlonton came onto council in October of 2014 in a byelection, replacing Einer Olsen.

He has very much enjoyed his time on council.

“I find it fulfilling to be able to help the town prosper,” he said. “It’s an honour to be part of that growth.”

He is pleased to note the town has shown an increase in population of 7.2 per cent since 2012 according to Resource Canada. He is also pleased to note that businesses are continuing to come to Rimbey.

“In 2012 there were 11 closed store fronts. Now there are only three,” he said.

He stressed council supports business growth in town.

“How else are we going to survive?” he said.

During his time on council, Olsen has enjoyed attending conferences.

“They are great training tools,” he said.

Godlonton believes his experience on council will be beneficial in the coming term. “The province is mandating municipalities get together to amalgamate different services. It will take experienced people to ensure we can work together for the good of our community.”

Godlonton is pleased the new lodge is moving ahead.

“I just want to continue to see the town prosper,” he said. “We have also have a great hospital and hopefully we can get more doctors back into town.”

Godlonton is petroleum manager for Rimbey Co-op and has been a residence of Rimbey since 1995.

He and his partner Janet Burghardt has three grown children and four grandchildren.