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Meet the candidate: Lynda Haarstad-Petten

Bentley Council Candidate

Lynda Haarstad-Petten

Running for: Bentley Town Councillor

I am a former Bentley Town Administrative Assistant, Councillor and Mayor of Bentley. I have attended all Council meetings these past four years and feel that I am as up to date with Council happenings as anyone from an observation standpoint could be.

Why are you running for council?

I love my town and feel what better way to give back to my community than to represent each of you in this role. I promise I will devote the time and energy necessary to represent, and sell, our community to the best of my ability.

Describe your platform and what you will focus on as a municipal councilor:

Ensure tax dollars are spent wisely. Without the support of the budget, grants, reserves or the other Council members but I cannot make any grandiose promises. I am only one voice.

Residential land is available in the northeast corner of town and Council needs to figure out how to get these lots sold!

We also need to hear from younger and new families, what would they like to see in the form of activities? A community that knows their neighbors is a safe community. Involvement of everyone would ensure that safety.

Open, honest communication between Council members and our residents is key, I promise you will have that with me! We have to figure out how to get information to all residents on a regular basis, not just those who use social media.