Nazarene Church could appeal to SDA board

Nazarene Church could appeal to SDA board

Illuminated sign at church could be revisited by SDA


Jack Webb, Rimbey Nazarene Church board member said the board hasn’t held a meeting to make a decision regarding an appeal to their development permit for their illuminated sign.


A request by the Nazarene Church for council to push through an amendment to a land use bylaw which would allow them to keep an illuminated sign has been nixed by council, but the church board could appeal to another authority.

Town planner Liz Armitage said the church board has the option of appealing to have their development permit approved by the subdivision and development appeal board.

“The (SDA) board makes the final decision,” she said.

However, she noted that the representatives from the church board will have to come up with a convincing argument regarding the sign.

The decision to turn down the amendment to the land use bylaw, however, cannot be changed by the SDA board, said Armitage.

The request was denied by council following a public hearing held Tuesday, Feb. 13.

During the hearing several people spoke in opposition to the sign.

Those in opposition said the sign was distracting and irritating.

However, those in favour of the sign said it was a great way to display information on a regular basis about the church and that it was a win/win for the community.

Two church board members have not responded to the Review’s phone calls regarding a decision to launch an appeal.