Vic Wiens is the new principal at Rimbey Christian School                                Treena Mielke Photo

Vic Wiens is the new principal at Rimbey Christian School Treena Mielke Photo

New principal and renovations at Rimbey Christian School

Changes at Rimbey Christian School

Rimbey Christian School has a new principal, a new look, and new programs this year.

Vic Wiens has taken over the position and is looking forward to his new role.

He is married to Karen and the couple have two adult children and one granddaughter.

The educator, who was semi retired, plans to commute from Airdrie. He has an impressive track record in the field of education.

From 2000 to 2004 he was the Superintendent of Koinonia Christian Schools. Following that role, he was senior administrator for Christian Academy Schools.

He has also worked as a consultant in the education field.

His knowledge and experience has given him insight into the efficient operation of a small school such as Rimbey Christian School and he is excited to implement changes he ascertains will be beneficial to the school, staff and students.

“I see the potential for this to be a really excellent small school,” he said.

When the students begin their school year, the school will have been renovated to include several changes.

Grades one to three will be grouped together, as will grades four to six and grades seven to nine.

“We will be bringing in programs effective for the three grade combinations,” he said.

The changes will mean one less classroom will be required and of the three teachers who won’t be returning, only two will be replaced.

The changes will reduce staffing costs by 1.5, he added.

Wiens is especially pleased the office at the front of the school will be renovated to include an open concept.

Students will now be given chrome books so the computer lab will no longer be required and will be changed into a music room.

Karen Keats, the music teacher, will also offer lessons to the public at the school.

Another initiative offered at the school this year for students from grades four to nine will be the Equine Assisted Learning program which will take place at Majestic Arabian Ranch with Valerie Wies.

New teachers at Rimbey Christian School are Maurice Merriman, who will teach grades one to three and Kyla Catte who will teach Grades four to six.

An afternoon barbecue will be held Aug. 30 and anyone interested in learning more about the school and meeting with the teachers are invited to attend.