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Record breaking low temperatures keeps local law enforcement on their toes

The record breaking cold weather kept local law enforcement busy this past week.

On Jan. 11 Rimbey RCMP were requested to conducted a wellbeing check on an individual who lived in the Ponoka County area. Rimbey RCMP attended the residence and confirmed that the individual had adequate heat and running water. The Rimbey RCMP went over a safety plan with the individual if they needed basic necessities. Complainant was updated.

Jan. 13 saw Rimbey RCMP respond to a 911 call of a mobility challenged individual who lost all heat sources at home. Weather outside at the time was -44 degrees. Rimbey RCMP attend the residence to find that the propane heating was frozen. Rimbey RCMP located a residence in the area that was able to provide spare firewood. The Rimbey RCMP was able to load the firewood and take it back to the residence and unload it into an accessible area for the individual. The individual was happy, safe and warm.

Later that day Rimbey RCMP located an individual intoxicated walking around Rimbey. The individual was not cooperative with Rimbey RCMP and was arrested for public intoxication. The individual spent the night out of the cold in a holding cell until sober.

Rimbey RCMP attended a two-vehicle collision on Jan. 15 that occurred in the Rimbey area. Visibility was poor due to fog. Rimbey Fire Department also attended the scene and assisted with clearing debris from the road. There was no injuries and both vehicles were able to drive to a safe location.

Rimbey RCMP received a complaint on Jan. 17 from an individual who believed that they were a victim of a phone scam. The individual had received a call from an unknown number stating that they had won the Stars Lottery. The individual knew that the draw wasn’t until the end of the month and started to question the caller. The caller had the individuals old address and was requesting personal information from the individual. The caller also wanted the individual to buy a gift card for them before they could be given the prize. The individual did not give out any information and ended the call. The individual then reported the call to the online RCMP Fraud Center and Rimbey RCMP.

The RCMP works closely with its domestic and international law enforcement partners, and other stakeholders in both public and private sectors, to address common cyber crime threats through various enforcement measures, leading to arrests and charges or other disruption outcomes.

Before you become a victim of a phone scam, follow these tips:

- If you didn’t initiate the call, know who you are talking to

- Don’t be afraid to say no!

If the person on the phone is intimidating you, using high-pressure tactics or is telling you to send them money right away follow these steps:

• Request the information in writing

• Hang up

• Watch out for them using urgent pleas that play on your emotions. Do your research before giving out any information.

• Check Canadian charities with the Canada Revenue Agency

• If they say they are a collection agency, verify with the appropriate provincial agency.

• Look the company up online that supposedly called you and call them to confirm.

• If they are saying they are your credit card company, hang up and call the number on the back of your credit card. Do NOT give out your personal information such as your name, address, birth date, Social Insurance Number (SIN), credit card or banking information.

Never assume that phone numbers appearing on your call display are accurate. When someone you don’t know calls stating they are from your financial institution, service provider, law enforcement or government agency, hang up and make an outgoing call to that agency.

Never click on links received via text message or email and always verify the contact information. Do not use the information given in the first message. Always verify the URL and domain to make sure you are on the official website.

Resources for Cybercrime Victims include the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre - a trusted source for reporting and mitigating online fraud.