Rimbey Aquatic Centre saves energy

The Town of Rimbey is proud to share that the Rimbey Aquatic Centre received an install of two Variable Frequency Drives/Flowmeters to its main pool circulation pump and slide pump.

The install was in large part thanks to a grant from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, according to a release.

Officials say that the project is a great energy saver and will ensure the Town is more fiscally responsible.

“External funding is critical to help our facilities operate, maintain and extend the longevity of our operations. The Recreation Energy Conservation Program provides valuable support that enables local facilities to start projects that will lower GHG and energy consumption for the environmentally sustainable future,” said Cindy Bowie, director of community services for the Town of Rimbey.

The VFD’s regulate a pump motor that usually runs at less than full speed and can cut down energy consumption over a motor running at constant speed for the same period.

In addition, it eliminates the need for mechanical drive components, which also helps reduce overall costs.