Rimbey library expansion update for 2021

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The year 2021 has been a pinnacle year for the Rimbey Municipal Library. After years of hoping and dreaming for more program space, more room for staff, and more storage area, we finally embarked on a building project. We are delighted that children’s programming will resume in the new year, along with many other exciting ideas that our manager, Jean Keetch, has in mind.

The pivotal event was when retired architect John Hull joined the Library Board and saw that the existing site offered an opportunity for expansion to the north. Since the existing building is municipally owned, we obtained the support of Town Council to proceed.

Our building committee obtained architectural drawings, and advertised for contractors. We ultimately accepted the proposal from Shunda Consulting and Construction Management and construction started in the summer. Shunda has had extensive experience in Rimbey and twenty tears ago converted the old firehall to our current Library. We have been pleased with Shunda’s professional construction management and approach.

We are excited to report that the building project will be completed in January 2022. We expect to announce a grand opening celebration in the near future.

In keeping with the general chaos of 2021, financing this project has been a challenge. Although we expected materials and labor costs to be lower during a pandemic, the opposite was the case. Our initial projection was a cost of $500,000, but this has blossomed to $580,000. We have had a great response from library supporters, and our financial goal is in sight. But we are still looking for contributions from those who recognize the enormous benefit that our library is to our community. Please consider donating today to put us over the top.

-Michael Boorman

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