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Rimbey RCMP continue to investigate alleged copper wire theft


On April 17 Rimbey RCMP received a report in regards to damage and theft of copper wire on a lease site.

This occurred in the Ponoka County area. There was over $2,000 in copper wire stolen. This matter is still under investigation.

The following day on April 18 a complaint was made to the Rimbey RCMP in regards to a vehicle that had caught fire and burned. This occurred in the Clearwater County area. The vehicle driver reported that while driving up hill, the vehicle started to catch fire. The driver was able to safely exit the vehicle and call Emergency Responders. The Fire department attended the location and extinguished the blaze.

On April 19, Rimbey RCMP responded to a complaint of cattle on the road. This occurred in the Ponoka County area, Rimbey RCMP officers quickly attended the location. When Rimbey RCMP arrived, the cattle owner had got the cattle back in the fence. There was no longer a hazard to traffic.

The following day on April 20 Rimbey RCMP responded to a complaint of a moose in a yard. This occurred in the Rimbey area. The complainant had been trying to get the moose to leave his property. Rimbey RCMP officers attended the location and there was no moose at the property. Rimbey RCMP made patrols in the area and no moose was located.

On April 22 a complaint was made of a stolen vehicle that had been spotted in the Ponoka County area. Rimbey RCMP officers along with Breton RCMP officers made extensive patrols in the area. No vehicle was located.

The following day on April 23 Rimbey RCMP received a complaint of smoke in the sky. The complainant was concerned that something was on fire. Rimbey RCMP was able to confirm that there was a fire in the area. Rocky Mountain Fire Center was actively extinguishing the fire. There was air support as well as firefighters on the ground.