Dog Park (Metrocreativeconnection)

Dog Park (Metrocreativeconnection)

Town of Rimbey defers decision on off-leash dog park

Town has to consult the budget before potentially moving forward with the dog park.

The Town of Rimbey has deferred their decision on the proposed off-leash dog park after the Oct. 22, 2020 Town Council meeting.

“Council has deferred this to budget,” said Rimbey Mayor, Rick Pankiw.

In addition to needing to consult the budget before Council can further discuss the dog park, Pankiw says that Council plans to wait on the decision regarding the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.

The first reading for the proposed bylaw was held in February 2020 and a public meeting was set for March, but it was cancelled.

The proposed responsible pet ownership bylaw, which will include both cats and dogs, will implement a license fee structure of $30 for an altered animal and $60 for an unaltered animal as well as a $100 deposit for a cat trap.

If or when the bylaw passes, the fees would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2021.

Until a the bylaw is decided on it is unlikely that an approval for a dog park will go forward.

Pankiw says that it doesn’t make sense to have an off-leash park with no pet bylaw.

Pankiw also notes that if residents want the dog park to move forward they will have to ensure they register their dog with the Town. As of right now, far less dogs are registered than how many are proposed to visit the park weekly.

“We need everyone to come in and tag their dogs,” said Pankiw.

Unregistered dogs will not be allowed in the off-leash park should the Town move forward with it.