Rimbey Pharmasave’s staff want you to nominate some one who spread some kindness!

Rimbey Pharmasave’s staff want you to nominate some one who spread some kindness!

Rimbey pharmacy helps Spread Kindness in the community

The last year and a half has been tough for everyone, no matter what you do, or how old you are. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a lot of change in how we live and work, a lot of learning about the virus and ways to cope with it, and a lot of frustration as it seems to drag on.

Throughout all of that, the one thing that we have all needed to rely on is each other — family, friends, and neighbours have been lifelines. Marcia Ziegler, pharmacist at Rimbey Pharmasave knows that “Our community has always been important to us here in Rimbey. It’s reflected in the pride we have in our town and in how we treat each other.”

Folks who live in Rimbey know that it’s not the big things in life that matter, but the small ones that make a positive difference.

Building community spirit —for now and for the future

Now, more than ever, we need to look out for each other, to pull together, and to build on the great community spirit we already have.

We all know someone who has gone the extra mile for us or for someone else, and it’s these acts of kindness that the folks at Rimbey Pharmasave want to celebrate through their Spread Kindness campaign.

Of all the things there are in the world, good and bad, the one thing that the world can never have enough of is kindness! No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, its effects spreading throughout the community, one ripple at a time.

Do you know someone who does more than they need to in their job? Someone who needs encouragement? Someone who has done something special? What about that neighbour who always waves and smiles? Or someone who gave a helping hand without being asked?

Come in to Rimbey Pharmasave and fill in an entry form to nominate someone who went the extra mile (It can be as little as one sentence) and help to Spread Kindness!*

A random weekly draw will be done for the next month and the person who was nominated will receive a Pharmasave Gift Card as well as the person who filled out the entry. We will be featuring some highlights from the entries in the paper.

Find them on Facebook here.

*One entry per visit.


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