Bentley building permits declined in 2008

At the Feb. 10 regular Bentley town council meeting, discussion regarding a request from Frank Wilson and Lance Dzaman regarding Sandy Point Resort was deferred until all of council can be present.

Wilson and Dzaman had presented council with an updated scaled-back resort development plan at the Jan. 27 regular town council meeting and had asked if the town would reconsider proposals regarding accepting the wastewater from the development via a pipeline tied into the town’s water treatment plant.

Council approved a 4 per cent hike in employee wages and council remuneration and expenses effective March 1, 2009.

A statistical report showed Bentley had received 440.5 hours out of a contracted 480 hours of patrolling by Lacombe County Protective Services community peace officers in 2008. Officers handled 37 complaints, handed out 61 warning tickets, and wrote up 178 violation tickets.

The town received $23,977 in fines. Expenses, including provincial administration costs and the cost of the Lacombe County contract for policing, amounted to $24,311.

The values of development permits were down from last year. In 2008 there were $1,337,300 in residential permits with five new homes and four additions / expansions on existing homes, and $292,000 for three non-residential permits.

In 2007 there was a duplex and 10 new homes with permits that amounted to $2,555,885 for residential and another $302,000 in non-residential permits issued, as well as some demolition permits.

Town CAO Elizabeth Smart said, “2007 was an exceptional year (for Bentley)!”

Last year’s 2008 permit values were also lower than those issued in 2006.

Town representatives, Mayor Joan Dickau and town councilor Cliff Knutson, met with others of the Morrisroe Recreation Area committee on Feb. 5. It was the consensus of the group that the town municipal campground in the Morrisroe Recreation area not be open unless an appropriate full-time caretaker/manger for the season can be found.

Representatives from the Elks were Chris Simpson and Cy Nelson. Bentley Ag Society reps were Merlyn Wilson and Betty Knull.

Advertising for a campground manager will get underway as soon as possible.

A policy is being developed to establish guidelines and procedures governing postings allowed on the electronic town community events sign. Council does not want it too restrictive, but conditions and controls are needed. It was deferred to a later meeting in order to investigate what conditions other places have for their community events signs.

Town representatives have been meeting with Lacombe County representatives and have established a steering committee in order to establish an inter-municipal development plan. A public open house is planned for April 1 at 7 p.m. in the Bentley Ag Centre.

The town will forward a letter of support regarding the request from Wolf Creek Public Schools for more provincial interim funding for special needs students with severe disabilities in Wolf Creek schools. Wolf Creek is getting funding based on old numbers of 300 students when actually numbers have risen to 424, leaving a shortfall that needs to be covered or programs for some students until the fall of 2010 when new numbers may be looked at.

The town has no objection to the clearing of a 4-meter strip of bush along a fence line by an adjacent landowner on the town-owned ski hill property. It is subject to acceptance by the Medicine Lodge Ski Club.

The town will once again sponsor the Bentley Rodeo high point trophy saddle as they have in past years. The cost is about $1,500.

The resignation of Bernice Cumming from the Bentley Municipal Library board was accepted.

The next regular council meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 6:45 p.m. in council chambers. All regular meetings are open to the public.