Bluffton-area resident to represent Canadian Action Party

Shawn Mann of the Bluffton area, a regional operations manager for a Red Deer-based construction equipment company, will be representing the Canadian Action Party (CAP) in the Wetaskiwin riding for this month’s federal election, and said the time is now for voters to elect a government that puts Canadians first.

  • Oct. 7, 2008 5:00 p.m.

Shawn Mann

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Shawn Mann of the Bluffton area, a regional operations manager for a Red Deer-based construction equipment company, will be representing the Canadian Action Party (CAP) in the Wetaskiwin riding for this month’s federal election, and said the time is now for voters to elect a government that puts Canadians first.

“If you have never heard of CAP you should look into it, I think you will find that we are the only political party in Canada that will talk about such issues as the North American Union, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the need to abrogate it immediately, as well as the 9/11 issue and the reason we need to pull our forces out of Afghanistan, and do a Royal Commission investigation into what really happened that fateful day,” Mann said.

“Some other issues include the Bank of Canada and the need to go back to using this institution in order to get back control of our monetary system. As a party we are not promising any token tax savings on fuel, or attempting to install a huge tax grab based on fear of the unknown and questionable science. All we promise is the truth,” he added.

As for the most important issue in the upcoming election, the husband and father of three said it is the protection of Canada’s sovereignty and ensuring the country remains both strong and independent.

“The single most important issue in this election should be the SPP, the North American Union (NAU), and the Amero currency issue. These are terms not everyone has heard through the mainstream news here in Canada but they basically will spell the end of Canada as we know it and the beginning of a trilateral super state between Mexico, the US and Canada, very similar to the African Union, European Union and the Asian Union,” he said.

“These things have already come to pass behind the scenes and kept well clear of the public eye under the guise of the NAFTA. Ask your self this – if Lou Dobbs is making such a big commotion on CNN about the Americans dealing with Canada on this very issue, why aren’t we seeing or hearing about it in our media?” Mann added. “The Canadian Action Party stands opposed to this treacherous and secretive dismantling of our nation by our current government. We would demand that we abrogate the NAFTA agreement and completely halt any further talks with any other nations in regards to any kind of globalist super union.”

He also pointed to the workings of the Bank of Canada as another key issue in the election and suggested the bank should revert to its intended function of printing currency and providing loans to various levels of government instead of leaving it in the hands of chartered banks.

“During the pre and post war era, the Bank of Canada’s main function was to issue or print money for Canadian banking institutions and make loans to the provinces, municipalities, counties and cities for such things as health care, infrastructure, and other special projects. The money from the bank of Canada funded the war effort; built the Trans-Canada Highway, the St. Lawrence Seaway and many other projects. The truly amazing thing about the Bank of Canada was that the money it issued was at low or no interest to the nation,” he said. “With the private banks in control, we now have to borrow with interest, the funds needed to operate our country and the only way to pay off this borrowed, compounding debt is to borrow more money. We could use the intended Bank of Canada model to help with our health care system, Canada Pension Plan and other struggling government institutions, and very likely lower the taxes or even to eventually do away with taxes all together in the far off future, if it is handle correctly.”

With only 23 candidates running in the 308 ridings nationally, the Canadian Action Party certainly has no pre-conceived notions about taking power, however they are working hard to get their message out to all Canadians.

“A majority? I think not,” Mann said of his party’s chances. “But we do hold the hope that we may get one riding out of the few we represent in order to bring these important messages to a federal platform and start to get some answers for all the people across Canada. If we as a country don’t force these issues to be dealt with we are basically doomed to be integrated into a much larger system where our input will be just that more diminished and ignored.”

Mann suggested if voters want to learn more about his party, they are welcome to visit:

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