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Bluffton Vet Clinic doubling its inside clinic space

Bluffton Veterinary Services will be getting quite the size adjustment to its space.
Bluffton Veterinary Services is getting a big expansion expected to be completed by early summer. (Photo by Leah Bousfield/Rimbey Review)

Bluffton Veterinary Services will be getting quite the size adjustment to its space.

The inside space will be doubling in size, which will see an increase of the clinic’s exam rooms from two to five, while also providing three more office spaces for the veterinarians and techs, along with a consult and euthanasia room for clients to go and chat with staff.

The expansion will also see a bigger reception area.

“Right now our reception desk is very tight, so it will have three work stations there now, so much more space to just allow us to help clients faster,” said Dr. Jasmine Duff, owner of the clinic and equine and large animal vet.

She said there will also be a prescription pick up desk to help with the flow.

“Our old reception will actually turn into a new surgical area, so we’ll have two surgery suites now, a new recovery and kennel room, which will be bigger with runs,” she said, adding that they will potentially be able to run two surgeries at a time.

The clinic currently has six vets and 15 staff members. It was time for an expansion of some sort, as each vet is sharing an office, and offices are quite small, and they can only run two small animal appointments at a time.

“If we have more exam rooms we can get more patients in because we have the vets to do it, we just don’t have the space.”

There has recently been a shortage of large animal vets, and Duff said it’s hard to find any vets for hire right now, but large animal vets are especially difficult to find, especially in rural, mixed areas that are further away from cities.

“Large animal work is pretty taxing. The majority of large animal clinics are still running our own after hours calls, which puts a huge tax on your life.”

She said at their clinic, every vet does one day a week and every fourth weekend.

Some clinics with only two vets would be on call every other day or so.

“There’s a lot of pressure on your vets to provide the best quality care at the cheapest price, so pay is not as great as in a small animal or a city practice, which is a big factor too,” said Duff.

Expansion is currently being worked on in the clinic, with hopes to be using the new space by spring or early summer.