Committee to review and update municipal development plan

Rimbey’s municipal development plan, created in 1997, is to experience a major overhaul.

  • May. 29, 2012 5:00 a.m.

Rimbey’s municipal development plan, created in 1997, is to experience a major overhaul.

Council recently gave the thumbs up to strike a committee to review the plan and recommend changes.

Assistant CAO Ryan Maier said West Central Planning has been hired as the lead agency to work with the ad hoc committee to create an updated plan.

Maier doesn’t expect the new MDP will result in a radical shift in policies and procedures, however, there will be some new planning strategies developed, as there has been significant growth to the town since the original plan was developed.

“There is a lot of land that has been annexed since that time,” he said.

According to legislation, a town with a population of less than 3,500 is not required to adopt an MDP.

But Maier said even though Rimbey’s population doesn’t require the document, it is good planning to have an updated MDP in place.

Earl Giebelhaus, who is sitting on the MDP committee, is pleased to see council move forward in this direction.

“The community definitely needs some long term planning,” he said. “The past MDP was made up when I was mayor. It needs some revamping and updating.”

A MDP looks at the co-ordination of land use, future growth patterns and other infrastructure with adjacent municipalities if there is no intermunicipal development plan in place.

The plan needs to contain policies compatible with the subdivision and development regulations and policies which respect the protection of agricultural operations.

The MDP committee consists of Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson, Coun. Gayle Rondeel, public works foreman Vern Browne, and community members including Wayne Clark, Earl Giebelhaus, Scott Ellis, Pam Kapalka and Jackie Stratton.

Maier said a draft MDP is to be completed by fall and then public consultations will be held so input can be received and necessary changes implemented. The process to develop a MDP will cost between $5,000 and $10,000.

By Treena Mielke