Cougar sightings becoming more frequent

The Rimbey RCMP had a steady week responding to incidents of domestic violence, frauds, thefts and other serious matters.

  • Mar. 19, 2013 8:00 a.m.

The Rimbey RCMP had a steady week responding to incidents of domestic violence, frauds, thefts and other serious matters.

Don’t drink and drive means you

During the early morning hours of March 8, an observant officer noticed a pickup truck on Highway 20 travelling well below the speed limit. The alert Mountie followed the suspicious vehicle as it entered town limits when it began to swerve and drive erratically. Once the vehicle was stopped by police, it did not take the officer long to figure out why the driver was being overly cautious — he was severely intoxicated. The accused, a 44-year-old man, a resident of Eckville, blew over twice the legal limit and was charged accordingly. He also had his truck seized and impounded.

What is also disturbing about this case, is that this dangerous driver had just left a friendly gathering of folks at a residence just north of town and it is well known that they read this police report weekly. They are aware of the efforts RCMP are putting forth to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the road who put our families in harm’s way. There is no excuse for drinking and driving.

Cougar spotted at Gull Lake

There was another cougar sighting and it wasn’t at a local pub. Residents on the north side of Gull Lake got a big surprise when they saw a mountain lion in their yard on the weekend. It scurried away and did not challenge anyone. Cougar sightings are becoming more and more frequent around Rimbey, especially along Medicine Lake Road and in Clearwater County. Please exercise caution when out walking your dog or taking a stroll through the woods where deer inhabit the area. For more information about cougars and their behaviors, contact fish and wildlife at (403) 783-7093.

Alcohol fuels domestic violence

Numerous incidents of domestic violence involved the police and Children Services last week. In one case, a 20-year-old Rimbey man, who is well known to police, was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm and breach of probation. In this and other cases, alcohol was a contributing factor.

In several other matters, the issue at hand related to child custody agreements between separated or divorced parents. Unfortunately, the real losers in all these cases are the kids. Please, if you are having problems at home, seek help before issues arise that have to involve the police and Children’s Services. Contact the Rimbey Victim Services Unit at (403) 843-8494 or Family and Community Support Services at (403) 843-2030 for more information.

Time to remove ice fishing huts

Finally, as spring quickly approaches, please do not forget to remove your ice fishing huts from the lake before it is too late to safely retrieve them. You spent hours building that dream shack out of your very best scrap lumber, don’t let Mother Nature steal it from you.

If you have any information on these or any other crimes, please call the Rimbey RCMP at (403) 843-2224 or Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477, #8477 on Telus Mobility, *8477 on Rogers AT&T.

Crime Stoppers is a community program that does work. Do your part and call now.