Council changes garbage pick up

  • Feb. 22, 2011 5:00 p.m.


Commercial garbage pick up in Rimbey will change March 31.

At its regular meeting Feb. 9, council accepted a recommendation from administration to terminate responsibility for waste and cardboard collection with its commercial customers.

Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson said council accepted the recommendation because it would streamline the process of garbage pick up.

“It will be simpler for the businesses to deal directly with the contractor,” he said.

He added that it is more the exception than the rule for towns to be responsible for garbage pick up.

However, Melvin Durand, who owns Parkland Automotives and was in attendance at the meeting, said he didn’t like the change, adding the service should be part of the town’s responsibility.

“My property taxes are already ridiculous,” he said.

Town officials will look at submitted requests for proposals early next month so the new garbage collection system can be implemented seamlessly.

Ryan Maier, Rimbey’s assistant chief administrative officer, said requests for proposals for residential waste and recycling collection went out Feb. 11, with an expected submission deadline of March 4.

He said sending out the RFP is necessary as the three year contract with Nikirk Bros. Contracting Ltd. Expires March 31.

“Government requirements is to send out RFPs (when the present contract is to expire),” he said.

Maier is not sure what the interest will be, but expects a number of potential contractors to apply.

A blue bag program is one of the options included in the RFP.

“It would be a way to provide enhanced recycling services to the communities,” he said, adding that the program would allow residents to bring their recycling materials to the curb in a ‘blue bag’ to be picked up.

“They wouldn’t have to sort it themselves.”

Another change to occur this spring is in the operation of the waste transfer site.

As of April 1 the town will take over this responsibility.

“It streamlines things,” said Maier. “And it will be beneficial as the town plans to have it open for more hours”.