Council deals with speeding complaint

An irate resident has brought his complaint to council regarding speedsters in the Drader Crescent area.

An irate resident has brought his complaint to council regarding speedsters in the Drader Crescent area.

At its regular meeting Sept. 10, council discussed a letter delivered by Brent Bratland to council asking that some action be taken regarding speeding motorists.

In his letter, Bratland said the south alley between the school property and his property seems to be used more like a racetrack than an alleyway.

“The speed some of our neighbors feel they need to reach while going down the straight stretch of the alley (not to mention the streets around the green area of the crescent) is unsafe, especially with small children living the area,” he said.

The dust and flying gravel that is created by the inconsiderate drivers is also a concern, he noted.

Bratland suggested posting traffic signs, using dust control, using speed bumps and increased RCMP vigilance in the area as ways to deal with the problem. He also suggested the town write to the offenders or all residents in the old and new Drader Crescent area indicating that speeding in alleys is a concern.

The upset resident also suggesting closing the north-south alley entrance and allowing only local traffic.

“This may be a hardship for frequent users but some of us along the route of the busiest alley in Rimbey are tired of the abuse of the roadway.”

Coun. Gayle Rondeel said speeding in the area needs to be looked at. “As far as I can see, it’s a problem waiting to happen.”

Coun. Paul Payson suggested putting a stop sign at the end of the alley.

Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson said speeding motorists is a concern of many residents in Rimbey. “It’s a complaint I hear regularly.”

He said Bratland’s complaint is a concern because the alley is close to the school.

“We have asked the RCMP for more enforcement and I hope it will help,” he said.

Council also agreed to ask administration to talk to the RCMP, the bylaw officer and public works for their suggestions.

Ibbotson council will also take the suggestions Bratland suggested in his letter into consideration.

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