Council hosts open house for responsible pet ownership bylaw

(Leah Bousfield/RIMBEY REVIEW)

Rimbey residents will be able to get more information on the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw through an open house hosted by council at the end of the month.

Gayle Rondeel said that council has been working on the bylaw for the past four years. Steps included asking for input from the public. Due to COVID they had to hold off on hosting the open-house until now.

When council first drafted the bylaw they received over 40 letters of input from the community about what the bylaw should include and address. Rondeel said not all the correspondence has been positive but that it to be expected.

She said the bylaw is not to penalize pet owners but to help protect the animals.

“It’s about what the citizens want and there’s always going to be some controversy.” But she said the controversy over animals at large, especially cats has made it necessary.

Bylaw 961/120 would regulate and control dogs and cats within the corporate boundaries of the town. Some of the things that the bylaw addresses is how many animals a property could have, animal licenses, animals at large, exotic animal ownership, animal trapping and aggressive animals. It also covers enforcement and fines.

The open house will be on May 31, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre.