Councillor encourages business owners to buy into new strategy plan

“We need to have businesses buy into it and come on board with us” Coun. Matt Jaycox

A strategy to improve Rimbey’s business sector is a powerful tool, but business owners need to work with council to ensure its success, says a Rimbey town councillor.

“We need to have businesses buy into it and come on board with us,” said Coun. Matt Jaycox.

The councillor is in favour of the plan which he sees as picking up steam as businesses work together.

“We need businesses to show other businesses the benefits,” he said.

Jaycox said the strategies are part of a five-year plan to encourage growth in Rimbey, but the ideas presented can be kept into play indefinitely.

A controversial tax incentive which was in place a few years ago in Rimbey was proven to be illegal, but Jaycox said that should not be a deterrent to commercial growth in the community as there is potential here for businesses to be successful.

“The town supports a large trading area.”

Developing an area re-development plan, allocating funding for business sector improvement, exploring grant incentives, and creating a Facebook page and website are strategies which may be implemented as part of the sustainability strategy.

A bylaw to approve forming a business sector sustainability advisory committee was passed by council at last Monday’s meeting.