County gives Hoadley Cemetery a much needed boost

  • Apr. 26, 2011 2:00 p.m.


Rezoning requests

The county heard a rezoning request from Les and Loretta Jackson regarding a parcel of land just east of Rimbey. The request was to break up a 76-acre piece of land into three lots.

Randy Stuart, a resident in the area, asked that some restrictive covenants be put on the title. The covenants are the same as existing covenants that are already applied to the development.

The council changed the zoning of the land from agriculture to watershed protection, which allows lot sizes to be no smaller than 25 acres, allowing for three lots.

Ron Shewchuk spoke before council about rezoning a 62-acre parcel of land just north of Chain Lakes. Shewchuk would like to create two 10-acre lots and keep the home farm on the remaining 42 acres. The council saw no problem with one of the proposed lots but did take issue with a second lot on the east side of the land. The lot would require access from a road that would be built on marshy land, as there is a creek in the vicinity. The request was tabled by Coun. Gawney Hinkley to a later date.

Burning barrels should no longer be an issue

The county approved a motion that allows peace officers to enforce a fine on individuals using burning barrels in Wolf Creek Estates subdivision. The county has had problems with residents burning material in barrels in their yard and the new piece of legislation will allow for fines up to $500.

Raab receives funding

The council voted unanimously to donate $1,000 to Kelsey Raab to help pay for her trip to Windsor, Ont. To compete at the 2011 Cadet/Juvenile National Wrestling Championships. There was some concerns by rewarding Raab with the money the council might cause an influx of groups and individuals requesting funding but council believed they would look at each request on a case-by-case basis. On the lighter side: Coun. Paul McLauchlin and CAO Charile Cutforth both joked they would donate $500 of their own money if Raab would wrestle Coun. Keith Beebe.

Community hall request tabled

The Dakota Commmunity Society requested funding for its community hall. Gail Bresee presented quotes the society had gotten from plumbers on the cost of upgrades. The society is trying to upgrade the facility this summer so that it can be used more effectively and efficiently all year around. The council decided to table the request until Coun. George Verheire, who is the representative from the area, could be at the meeting.

Hoadley cemetery gets boost

County council approved a funding request from the Hoadley cemetery. The county will donate $2,000 annually to help Hoadley with the maintenance costs associated with the community cemetery.

No councillor needed

It was decided that no county councillor would sit on the proposed Rimbey recreation board. The county supports the forming of a recreation board for Rimbey but felt the board should develop its own mandate and direction and then present and engage council from there.