Developer promises to clean up Legacy Lane


  • Jul. 26, 2011 11:00 a.m.


The developer of Legacy Lane seniors’ condos was on site last week, responding to complaints from disgruntled residents.

Contractor Gord Davies from Cavalier Venture Corporation, who lives in Sylvan Lake, said he has plans to take care of the weeds and clean up the site immediately.

“I have a guy out here to clean up the weeds,” he said, “but it is very muddy.”

He said he has been unable to deal with the overgrowth of weeds around the properties because of the weather and has had clean up crews scheduled that have been delayed constantly.

He plans to also complete the ramps on some of the condos this summer.

“We will get it all done this summer,” he said. “Once we get some better weather I will put some sidewalks in and get the rest of the work done.”

Jim Hale, one of the residents living in Legacy Lane, is tired of looking at weeds.

“We get to look at it all the time and there is nothing but thistles and weeds. We can’t get hold of the developer and the town has done nothing either.”

Joyce Tona, president of The Legacy Lane Condo Association, said residents should consider themselves lucky that the property hasn’t been landscaped yet, as it needs time to settle.

“The rain is now settling the land,” she said. “The rain has delayed the progress (of cleanup),” she added.

Davies added the dust and weeds on the berm along the property owned by Stan Cummings to the west of the Legacy Lane Condos also needs to be dealt with.

Joe Croken, peace officer for Gull Lake Municipal Enforcement ,said he has had some complaints about the Legacy Lane property and is pleased to see the developer is taking some action.

“Those weeds will spread and need to be taken care of,” he said. “It’s good that it is being addressed.”

He said the developer could be looking at fines of up to $2,500 if the issue isn’t dealt with. He added the cost of clean up, which he estimated at about $1,000, would be added to the tax bill if it were done by the Town of Rimbey.